TC1200 Flashlight – Military Grade Tactical Flashlights

A Self-Defense system with high impact for a low cost

You might be surprised to see a flashlight on our list. I mean, it’s a pretty simple product… how 007 can a flashlight get?

Well, we’re here to tell you!

Meet the TC1200 TacLight Flashlight, a flashlight that sold over 20,000 units in just a few months.

This isn’t the flashlight you’d find at your local dollar store. This battle-tested flashlight uses military-grade LED technology that can illuminate an entire field or blanket a work area with 800 lumens of light. That’s 8 times more than the average utility flashlight!

It’s almost indestructible. You can throw it, drive over it, drop it in 6 feet of water — the aircraft-grade aluminum will hold up. It’s the kind of flashlight U.S. Navy Seals and the U.S Coast Guard rely on to get the job done!

You can also use it as a defense tool if you get attacked. This super bright flashlight can temporarily blind your attacker, giving you time to escape…just be careful using it around your friends.

In other kinds of emergencies, you can use the strobe setting to signal for help, or focus the LED beam to see far into the distance.

At this point, you may be thinking that you’ll need to spend your life savings on special batteries to keep this thing functional. Quite the contrary! All you need is 3 AAA batteries to get 1,000 hours of life.

That makes it ideal for reliable, abundant light during a prolonged natural disaster or emergency…and for lots of everyday uses. Be prepared for anything!

TC1200 TacLight Flashlight

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